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Embedded Products for Factory Automation

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Rugged Science provides a complete line of fanless, wide-temperature rugged embedded computers for use in Factory Automation processes.  With compact and rich IO, multiple expansion solutions and multiple mounting methods, these robust and rugged embedded computers are suitable for factory automation applications in a variety of difficult and challenging environments. Many models have been certified for EtherCAT protocol and can also incorporate modules for a variety of analog, digital, or fieldbus modules.

Additionally, Rugged Science carries a complete line of HMI panels for human interaction with the factory automation process.  Our rugged PanelPCs are equipped with the latest generation of Broadwell processors and can come in screen sizes from 8" to 21.5".  Rugged Science also carries a line of industrial ethernet switches, wireless access points, and serial to ethernet converters for component needs throughout a factory automation network.

Factory Automation Product Suggestions

Rugged Science is an ISO 9001 Certified Company