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Emedded Products for Video Security and Surveillance

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Rugged mobile, low-power embedded computers are well suited for providing surveillance to temporary or remote locations like construction sites, college campuses, outdoor parking lots, or even wildlife monitoring.  Rugged Science has numerous embedded computer models that are well suited to either IP Camera, wireless camera, or CCTV based systems.  In addition to computers that can provide up to 9 GbE LAN ports to handle 9 simultaneous cameras, we have numerous embedded computer models that provide IEEE 802.3at Power-over-Ethernet.  PoE+ provides a savings in cost and time by allowing both power and data to be provided to the camera. With up to four storage bays that can hold many terabytes of data, Rugged Science computers are ideal to be complete video surveillance management and storage systems.  With expansion cards to provide connectivity to frame grabber and video encoder daughter cards, a plethora of video and image capture solutions are available.  

Rugged Science also provides numerous models of industrial power-over-ethernet switches for video data management.  We also provide high quality industrial LCD displays for security and surveillance control rooms.  Check out our many available models.

Video Security and Surveillance Product Suggestions

Rugged Science is an ISO 9001 Certified Company