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NT-550MIL Smart Network Thermostat

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Military Accessory Devices

  • Rugged MIL-SPEC aluminum housing
  • Dual stage, compatible with fossil fuel and heat pump (w/aux heat) systems
  • Adjustable setpoint deadband
  • Passcode protected keypad lockout
  • 4 Temperature periods per day 1
  • 2 Daily schedule profiles
  • Five year scheduling

The NT-550MIL is an advanced intelligent network thermostat which represents the culmination of customer feedback and committed research and development. We have developed a rugged, military networked thermostat that is ready for deployment in the harshest marine operating environments. The NT-550MIL connects with a Cat-5 Ethernet cable for traditional installation. It is enclosed in a MIL-SPEC aluminum housing and meets military standards for shock, vibration, and electromagnetic interference. Additionally, the NT-550MIL supports three external wired sensors which can be used to sense temperature or dry contact closures from external equipment. Each of these sensors can provide optional independent alarms via email or text message notification when pre-set threshold conditions are exceeded. Two independently scheduled auxiliary relays are also supported to enable customers to control additional equipment.

Product Capability
3 external input sensors  
Thermistor temperature  
Dry contact closure  
Aux relay outputs (2 max.)  
time of day activation  
Humidification & Dehumidification control  
Zone alarm threshold activation  
Network Capability
Wired Ethernet connectivity  
SSL password authentication & connection encryption  
SMTP client  
Email & text messaging  
Alarm notifications  
Static/DHCP addressing  
Settable gateway address/address mask  
Selectable HTTP ports  
Supports Class A, B, C, IP addressing
Operating Temperature -10°C to +40°C
Humidity 10% to 95% Humidity, Non-condensing
Weight 1.75 lbs.
Shock MIL-S-901D
Vibration MIL-STD-167-1
Enclosures MIL-STD-108E
Shipboard Equipment MIL-STD-810G
Electrical Current, AC MIL-STD-1399, section 300B
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