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Rugged Science was founded by a group of highly experienced executives and veterans from the Defense industry. We design, fabricate, weld, assemble, test, and support our ruggedized computing solutions from our manufacturing facilities in Sparks, MD (just north of Baltimore) in the USA. Since our inception, we have invested heavily in a vertically integrated design and manufacturing model, which gives us extraordinary control over quality, rapid time-to-market, "tamper-free" circuit boards, and trusted, cybersecure firmware.

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The Power Behind Rugged Science

No doubt about it, we have something powerful going on at Rugged Science. Our logo is an ALWAYS ON power symbol, which completely symbolizes the real power behind Rugged Science: our people. We do important work for critical applications, but we have fun doing it because our people are EMPOWERED to make it happen! Highly talented and highly motivated, our people make the right things happen from the initial sales consultation through product delivery, and most importantly, to long-term customer support. Our product development team includes highly educated and experienced mechanical, electrical, thermal, and computer engineers. Every customer application is unique, and our sales engineers have been empowered to listen to your requirements, then help specify the most appropriate and cost-effective hardware for your needs.

At Rugged Science, we always have a place for smart, motivated people! Join Our Team!

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Proven Real-World Performance

Rugged Science computer hardware is deployed in truly mission-critical applications around the world, including propulsion control systems of US Navy warships, where failure would be catastrophic. Some of our military systems have been operating non-stop 24/7 for nearly a decade, a testament to Rugged Science engineering and reliability. Our SWAP-C optimized computer hardware is engineered to withstand massive shock events, constant vibration, dirty power, and EMI interference. With options for advanced ingress protection, Rugged Science computer hardware is built for reliability, wherever your application might take you.

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Milcortex 1000 computer

From Warships to Workstations

Imagine a computer that can be trusted to survive brutal conditions: scorching heat, freezing cold, hurricanes, power surges, violent shocks, and constant vibrations. A computer that never fails, never slows down, never gives up. A computer that can run 24/7 on a US Navy warship, or on an oil rig, or in a mine, or in a factory. That’s the kind of computer that Rugged Science makes. That’s the kind of service that Rugged Science delivers.

Rugged Science was founded by a team of engineers who had a vision: to create a cost-effective solid-state computer that could be trusted to run mission critical applications in the toughest operating environments. They started with a complex problem: why do conventional computers break down so often on US Navy warships? They found out that the internal cooling fans were the weak link. Mechanical fan failure would lead to runaway heat saturation, which killed the computer. So they decided to eliminate the fans. No moving parts equaled less mechanical components that could fail. They used the latest low-power CPUs from Intel and designed a computer that could cool itself without any moving parts. They called it the MILCORTEX 1000, and it was a game-changer for the US Navy. Over time and with excellent operational reliability, the MILCORTEX eventually became a standard solid-state computer on every aircraft carrier in the fleet, running flawlessly 24/7 for over a decade, across multiple deployments and mission-critical requirements.

Rapidly Expanding in the Industrial Market

But Rugged Science didn’t stop there. They realized that there were many other industries that needed reliable computing solutions for their mission-critical operations. They expanded their product line to include ruggedized computers, tactical edge servers, GPU workstations, and HMI Display enclosures, all of which are built to last and perform in the harshest conditions. They tested their products to meet both industrial and military standards, and they proved their reliability and performance in some of the most demanding applications around the world, from oil and gas to mining to manufacturing.

Rugged Science is more than just a company. It’s a philosophy. It’s a commitment. It’s a passion. It’s a promise. To deliver the best computing solutions for the toughest challenges. To never compromise on quality or durability. To always innovate and improve. To always be rugged. That’s the Rugged Science story.

Rugged Science is appraised at CMMI Maturity Level 3 and is an ISO 9001:2015 & AS9100D Certified Company