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Bringing a complex product to market can be difficult. Bringing a complex product to a complex system (like an aircraft carrier) can be downright intimidating. To ensure the best possible outcomes, Rugged Science follows a vetted, checklist-driven process with professional program managers for project scheduling, risk mitigation, and meticulous technical documentation.

Rugged Science Program Management

For years, Rugged Science has followed a successful process for Program Management, including:

  • Requirements gathering, clarifying, and communication
  • Project management for timeline, deliverables, and costs
  • Initial, Preliminary, and Critical Design Reviews
  • Test Procedure Organization, Submissions, and Scheduling
  • Qualification Testing, Communication, and Reports
  • Technical Documentation Package: Drawings, Schematics, User Manuals, Software Drivers, Repair ILS, LRU analysis
  • MTBF/MTTR Analysis and Recommendations
  • FMEA and Risk Mitigation Analysis
  • Design for Manufacturing Analysis and Recommendations
  • CDRL/SDRL management and submission
  • Release for Manufacturing, COIs, and more...

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Program Management
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Product selection, design, prototyping, app testing, qualification testing, production, and's a long expensive road and a lot of work and we know our customers do not want to make changes once a computer is vetted and qualified.

Rugged Science Product Management

Rugged Science is keenly aware of the lifecycle implications for every IC we integrate into our computers. Our Product Management team is diligent about selecting chipsets on Intel’s embedded roadmap, which has a minimum of 15-years of support. In the case of other vendors, we take great care to pick components that are as early as possible in their lifecycle and communicate these obsolescence risks transparently to our customers. We actively monitor these components and will pro-actively inform you of any EOL (End-of-Life) declarations of key components.

Rugged Science Product Migration

We realize that our customers value long lifecycles, but the reality is that some ICs will not be available forever. In these cases, Rugged Science will actively and aggressively communicate any product discontinuations as soon as they are announced, but we aren't just messengers of bad news! We will also bring solutions for computer migration to ensure seamless and painless transitions to newer platforms that can still work in your same application. We will draft Engineering Change Notices with all required technical parameters. We ensure there is enough forecasted time to properly test, vet, and select the replacement product well before the old unit is completely obsolete.

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