Rugged Computers for Autonomous Vehicle Applications

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Autonomous vehicle computers

Autonomous Vehicles

Our rugged computers for autonomous vehicle applications are designed with industrial-grade heat dissipation, reliable power delivery and is shock/ vibration proof, and feature NVIDIA GPU's and Intel® Xeon® Core™ processors, perfect for AI industry applications such as autonomous driving, visual inspection, AI surveillance, etc. All our autonomous vehicle systems provide ample power for processing real-time data of LIDAR, RADAR, image and sensor information. Combined with high compute power, data-handling capabilities and storage capacity, our compact, rugged autonomous vehicle computers are capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions — including potholes, collisions and extreme temperatures.

When your autonomous vehicle AI applications system require a continuous, uninterrupted stream of data and instructions such as traffic, pedestrians, and other potential real-time hazards, you can depend on Rugged Science hardware to get you there safely. With a wide range of high-speed memory and storage options, our high-performance computers provide the power for artificial intelligence to employ the deep neural network algorithms that do a better job of driving down the road safely.





Rugged Science is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Manufacturing Company