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Solutions for Factory Automation

Project Background

Rugged Science was contacted by a leading global provider of 3D automated measurement solutions. Manufacturers around the world rely on this company to provide 100% on-line CMM sampling to achieve best-in-class quality, reduce scrap, and minimize re-work.  They were looking to add a higher level of graphics, processing, and IP cameras to their vision controller, and wanted to integrate this upgraded controller to their existing measurement products in the market.

Project Challenges

  • Our customer required an ultra-reliable industrial computer equipped with multiple Power-Over-Ethernet ports to provide vision processing functionality for instant deployment into a range of machine vision machines that they manufactured
  • The computer must be capable of operating reliably in challenging factory environments with high noise, dust, and heat
  • The computer had to aggregate a minimum of 8 PoE cameras, with the option to add more over time
  • The computer needed to be in a compact form factor, because it required integration into existing products already in the market
  • High CPU processing performance was integral to the dependable performance of the customer’s range of machine vision applications
  • High-end graphics performance for the computers was essential to optimize the quality of items under inspection
  • The necessary computer needed to be fanless and solid-state, with no moving parts, increasing reliability for these 100% uptime applications.

Project Solution

  • Rugged Science designed, manufactured, and delivered an IVH-9000 embedded computer within a customized OEM-defined enclsoure that can be ordered off-the-shelf and modified for several configurations of the OEM's product
  • Units are equipped with a fanless, shockproof rugged design with certification to IEC 60068 for shock and vibration, as well as EN 50155 and EN 50121 for EMC emissions
  • Intel 7th generation processors and associated GPU delivered optimised machine vision power and performance
  • Each computer supported up to 16 Power-Over-Ethernet ports, allowing multiple camera angles of high definition imaging with minimal power and cabling requirments for the cameras
  • All computers are configured with Windows 10 O/S, delivering a familiar look and feel across all platforms
  • Rugged Science designed an outer enclosure according to dimensional, mounting, and paint specifications so that the embedded computer was seamlessly integrated into their existing products
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